Tuesday, February 14, 2006


George was my father’s father. I must admit that I no memory of him at all. Grandpa died of throat cancer when I was just three. I remember talk of his cancer as being caused from some heavy drinking. Did Hattie drive him to drinking?

I learned from my sisters that he painted houses as a profession. Yet his death announcement in the paper said he worked at a metals place in addition to painting.

There is some speculation that my grandfather had a glass eye – one sister tells me yes, and the other says no. But by any means, my grandfather lost an eye in some type of accident. I can’t imagine glass eyes to even be in existence back then. I wish I could remember. I could have had a lot to say and write about that eye.

My mother told me many times, that I spent a lot of time on his lap.

There was a great name debacle upon the passing of my grandfather George. My sister Carol was born around the time of his death. My mom named her Linda Carol officially. But my father had it wanted it changed to Georgia Carol. Her birth certificate was never changed from Linda. I think Carol grew up as Georgia Carol, and in later years it gave her some trouble. I think she eventually had it officially changed from Linda to Georgia. I guess that’s why we always called her Carol. I can’t imagine calling her Linda or Georgia. I’m glad they agreed on Carol as a middle name.

My dad’s family was from Horse Cave, KY. My oldest sister Mary said she and Dorothy Ann would spend summers in Horse Cave with my grandparents. Mary said she remembers my grandfather George meeting them at the train station. Wish I would have known him. I wonder if his shoes were speckled with paint colors.


Blogger Michael said...

This is better than anything I will see on TV. Now I can't wait to read the next story of things I wanted to know about my family but was afraid to ask. Good Job Glo.

10:48 PM  
Blogger smae said...

hey glo did mary leaf say he didn't have a glass eye. i seem to remember hearing that he could take the eye out. i was scared to death of him when we went to horse cave to visit. they stayed at our house for awhile when he was being treated for cancer. i really don't remember that but evidently i told grandma miller that mother said she would be glad when they left. what a mean little person i was. i don't remember much about that except for that eye and he had paint on his rocker and i was afraid to sit in it because of his eye. i always feel really bad about it and i hope i never hurt his feelings. also i agree with michael...this is a great thing you're doing. thanks.

5:46 PM  
Blogger The Curl said...

Yeah, I don't remember anything about Grandpa Miller since I was only 2 months old when he died and I was his namesake. I thought it ironic that Daddy died when Lindsay was only 2 months old- but I couldn't name her Henry Clay. The name debacle was funny and made for a great story, since I now have an alias.

6:45 PM  

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