Saturday, February 11, 2006

This is my attempt to record my memories of my family. Some of the entries may not actually be fact, but it is the way I remember them. This is a tribute to my family, and yes all of you will get your own chapters. I'm not sure yet, how far down the family tree I want to go, but I will attempt to include everyone. I also will add chapters of some of those who may not be family members, but they were important to me and made an impact somehow.

I will start with my grandmother Anna. I start with her, because she is the one I remember the earliest (outside my parents of course).

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Blogger smae said...

Hey glo, That was a great posting about Grandma Mivelaz. I also remember "grandma sitting". I had to get there really early in the morning and grandma would tell me to go lay in her bed. I'd probably sleep until 10 or so. I also remember trip's to Sam's. Once I put a cream soda in the freezer to chill it down and forgot about it. Of course back then all sodas were in glass bottles and the darned thing exploded. Grandpa was sort of upset but never really fussed about it. Do you remember the lady that lived upstairs. She was lonely and came down sometimes and talked a lot. She was very sweet too. I was a senior in college when grandma died and it was very sad. I remember that later I came home from someplace and there were a bunch of coats on the bed and I thought "grandma must be here", and then I remembered she was gone. I think I got paid 50 cents a day to stay with her. She wasn't as sick then. I also remember when she had her pacemaker put in that Mary Jean and I spent the night with her in her hospital room. We layed on the floor and slept and a nurse nearly killed herself by tripping over us. I also think grandma made the best chicken and dumplings I have ever eaten.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Sandy, That lady's name was Ms Renn. I remember singing for her funeral when I was in grade school. I was kind of sad because there was no one there except an elderly lady (her sister i think) and an old gentleman. She was nice and her apartment always smelled like natural gas.

10:46 AM  

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